The Fine Art of Wealth Management TM


When we founded our firm, we asked ourselves: "If we were clients, how would we want to be advised and served?" Every aspect of our work meets that test.

A "fiduciary" holds something in trust for another person. We at DHR believe that everything you assign to us, we hold in trust for you.

We hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standards, so we:

  • Serve only you as our client, without conflict of interest;
  • Place funds in the custody of independent, top-ranked institutions;
  • Manage investment costs carefully;
  • Speak the truth as we know it;
  • Understand the investment risks;
  • Maintain transparency in firm operations;
  • Report to you thoroughly and systematically;
  • Remain accessible to you; and
  • Protect the privacy of your affairs.

With our years of experience in finance, we can help you avoid big mistakes and achieve success. DHR focuses on your long-term best interests.

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