The Fine Art of Wealth Management TM

Retirement Planning

Dominick owned a business that had been in the family for generations. He thought he had succession and retirement all figured out, and was eagerly planning to hand the business over to the next generation. When the recession hit, he suddenly panicked that he was going to run out of money twelve years into retirement. He needed an objective, confidential partner to gather and integrate his portfolio, understand his goals, make a plan, and set him up for a comfortable retirement with the ability to provide an inheritance for his children.

Thomas had served in public life most of his career. He had amassed a substantial estate but had never had time to develop expertise in managing his personal finances. He and his wife were anxious and confused by too much financial advice from too many different sources. They needed a more a coherent approach, as well as practical education about important financial issues like community property, taxes, insurance, retirement planning, and real estate. They didn't know how much they could spend to protect their estate and still have fun in retirement. They needed clarity, organization, and processes for decision-making. But most of all, they needed peace of mind.

DHR can help you understand your goals for retirement, develop a plan for achieving them, and build the confidence to enjoy the special time you've earned. Please click here to request an interview.