The Fine Art of Wealth Management TM

Young Families and Professionals

Steve and Sandra were both employed and doing well financially when they had their first child. They were educated in their respective fields, but not so much about money. As young parents, they knew it was time to do some planning, but they lacked the skills to manage and grow their financial assets, and didn't particularly want to spend their precious family time thinking about money. But they needed an investment portfolio and plans for retirement. When their second child was born, they wanted to set up college savings plans for their children, make sure they had appropriate insurance, and finally buy their own house. They needed someone to coordinate all the various financial aspects of their lives and make sure everything was in place, so they could make decisions without having to worry whether they were "missing" something.

DHR can create a comprehensive financial portfolio and coordinate your other advisors to integrate all the financial facets of your life into one cohesive story, with you as the CEO. You'll receive expert advice and guidance in structuring estates, long-term planning for college and retirement, and facilitate tax issues, insurance, and wills and trusts. Please click here to request an interview.